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Totals From Report For Michael Krusee
Filed on: July 27 2005
Covering the Period January 01, 2005 Through June 30, 2005

This is a corrected report

Total Unitemized Contributions: $ 0.00
Total Political Contributions: $ 0.00
Total Unitemized Expenditures: $ 436.04
Total Expenditures: $ 20,756.23
Total Unitemized Pledges (Schedule B1 or B2) $ 0.00
Total Contributions Maintained As Of The Last Day Of The Reporting Period $ 224,375.73
Total Principal Amount Of All Outstanding Loans As Of The Last Day of the Reporting Period $ 0.00
Total Unitemized Loans: $ 0.00
Explanation of Correction:
The Mike Krusee Campaign followed the guidlines for filling in cash on hand (coh) as written on the Texas Ethics Commission website (www.ethics.state.tx.us) on July 15 2005. Those instructions had not been updated since the filing of the January 05 semi-annual report and therefore the original reporting of coh was in the memo field of this report as previously required. After noticing that the coh did not appear on the pdf file in the memo section uploaded from the internet for others to see we contacted the Ethics Commission and alerted them to this problem. We respectfully request that any and all fees associated with this corrected report be waived and that the informative website be updated to reflect new reporting requirements.

The requirement to report Total Contributions Maintained (Cash on Hand) applies to reports due on or after September 1, 2003.
This requirement does not apply to special session reports or telegram reports.