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Totals From Report For William R. Henry
Filed on: September 30 2010
Covering the Period July 01, 2010 Through October 04, 2010

This is a corrected report

Total Unitemized Contributions: $ 380.00
Total Political Contributions: $ 8,405.00
Total Unitemized Expenditures: $ 253.52
Total Expenditures: $ 11,749.38
Total Unitemized Pledges (Schedule B1 or B2) $ 0.00
Total Contributions Maintained As Of The Last Day Of The Reporting Period $ 34,961.89
Total Principal Amount Of All Outstanding Loans As Of The Last Day of the Reporting Period $ 0.00
Total Unitemized Loans: $ 0.00
Explanation of Correction:
Mis-read the figure at the bottom of our ledger for cash on hand.