January/February Campaign Finance and PFS Deadlines

Local Filers:    See your local filing schedule for filing deadlines.

TEC Filers:   Only one of the following categories applies to you. Click on the category that pertains to you to see your upcoming filing deadlines.
  • Candidate on 2014 Primary Ballot or a Specific-Purpose Committee supporting/opposing one?

  • Not on 2014 Primary Ballot but filed application for 2014 General Ballot?

  • Neither of the above?
          CEC - County Executive Political Committee
          COH - Candidate or Officeholder
          COH-UC - Former Candidate/Officeholder with Unexpended Contributions/Assets
          GPAC - General-Purpose Political Committee
          JCOH - Judicial Candidate or Officeholder
          JCOH-UC - Former Judicial Candidate/Officeholder with Unexpended Contributions/Assets
          JSPAC - Judicial Specific-Purpose Political Committee
          LEGC - Legislative Caucus
          MPAC - Monthly Filing General-Purpose Political Committee
          PTY-CORP - Political Party Accepts or Maintains Contributions from Corporations or Labor Organizations
          SCCOH - State or County Chair Candidate or Officeholder
          SCSPAC - State or County Chair Specific-Purpose Political Committee
          SPAC - Specific-Purpose Political Committee
  •       TEC Filers:    See your state filing schedule for other filing deadlines.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 512-463-5800.

    Last Revision: December 20, 2013

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