82nd Legislative Session

HB 3409 – Lobby Registrations and Reports

Amends Government Code §§305.005(k)

Adds Government Code §§ 305.0065, 305.006(g), 305.009(e)

The bill adds the provision that a registrant who has a change in client or subject matter information during a regular legislative session is required to file an amended registration not later than the fifth day after the registrant, or any person appearing on the registrant’s behalf, makes the first lobby communication related to the new client or subject matter.

HB 3409 exempts legislative and executive branch employees and immediate family members from certain restrictions that apply to transportation, lodging, food, and beverages, and entertainment, provided by a lobbyist to a member of the legislative or executive branch in connection with certain types of trips.  Effective 06/17/11

SB 1(Special Session) – Political Contributions and Political Expenditures; Lobby Registration Fees; Complaint Procedures

See SB 1 under CAMPAIGN FINANCE for bill summary, as related to lobby registration fees. 






Last Revision: July 14, 2011
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