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The online web filing application allows you to use an Internet browser to complete a reporting form online and to submit the form over the Internet. This method of filing is useful for filers who have very little information to report or those who can not use our softtware on their computer, including Macintosh and Linux users. NOTE: the online web filing application DOES NOT support Safari web browser, version 3.1.2 or higher.

Password Required. Before you may use the online web filing application, you must obtain a filing password from the Ethics Commission. To receive a password, a person who is legally responsible for filing reports with the Ethics Commission must complete a Password Request Form and return it by mail to the Texas Ethics Commission, P.O. Box 12070, Austin, TX 78711-2070, by fax to 512-463-8808, or by hand-delivery to 201 E. 14th St., Sam Houston Bldg., 10th Floor, Austin, Texas.

The online Web Filing Application now allows you to save a report to your computer. To save all data that you have entered in the application to your computer, click "Save Report to Your Computer" on the left menu bar. Clicking the "Save" button on each entry screen will only hold the data temporarily. If you "Sign Out" of the application without filing the report or saving it to your computer, you will lose ALL of the data that you have entered.

Note: If you should leave your computer during data entry and return to find that the application has "timed out," please call the Ethics Commission at (512) 463-5800 for technical assistance before you login again. It might be possible to recover your data before you begin a new session.

Computer Requirements. To use the online web filing application, you need a computer with an Internet connection and Adobe Reader (version 4 or above).

Instructions for Completing Reports. For general instructions on completing a report, please refer to the paper instructions that correspond to your filer type or call the Texas Ethics Commission.

Candidate and Officeholder Forms & Instructions

Political Committee Forms & Instructions

Political Party Forms & Instructions

Note: We recommend that filers print the applicable instructions before using the online web filing application.

Password Request Form. The Password Request Form is provided in PDF format. The form may be printed or viewed with Adobe Reader, but it can not be filled out online.

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