Direct Expenditure Only Committees (Super PACs)

The following is a list of political committees who have submitted a statement indicating that the committee intends to act as a direct campaign expenditure only committee.

Sorted by Committee Name

Updated May 24, 2018

Filer ID
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Filer Name
00080677 ATPE Direct
00070365 Austin Firefighters Public Safety Fund
Statement to Act as DCE Committee Austinites for Equity
00080697 Citizens for Judicial Reform
00080784 Citizens for Local Governance
00082487 Clear Channel Outdoor
00070695 Coalition for a New Dallas
00070874 For Our Community
00080080 Houston Forward (DISSOLVED)
00080355 Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 341 Super PAC
00080527 Houston Turnout Project Super PAC
00069963 LivePinkVoteRed
00070382 Lubbock PAC
00080702 MEGAPHONE
00080611 Montgomery County Tea Party PAC
00082811 Our Conservative Texas Future
00068805 Standing with George P (DISSOLVED)
00082298 Texans Caring for Seniors
00082536 Texans for a Stronger Economy
00068653 Texans for Free Enterprise (DISSOLVED)
00080695 Texans for the Future PAC (DISSOLVED)
00070097 Texas Business Political Action Committee
00069832 Texas Future PAC
00080160 Texas Leadership PAC
00066799 Texas Patriots State PAC (as of 01/07/2015)
00082553 Texas Prospers
00070098 Texas REALTORS PAC
00080251 Texas Values Action PAC
Statement to Act as DCE Committee Workers' Voice
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