Individuals/Entities Making Direct Campaign Expenditures (DCE)

This page contains information applicable to a person, not acting in concert with another person, making one or more direct campaign expenditures (DCE) that exceed $100 in an election from the person's own property.

Such a filer has often been referred to as an "as if" filer because section 254.261 of the Election Code requires the person to file campaign finance reports as if the person was a general-purpose committee (GPAC). Now there is a new Form DCE for such filers to use. Check out the links below for more information.

1. Electronic Filing

2. Forms and Instructions -- Note: New Form DCE replaces using Form GPAC to file DCE reports.

3. Filing Schedules -- Note: A DCE report is only required if you have reportable DCE activity during a reporting period. See the GPAC/SPAC Filing Schedule for upcoming filing deadlines.

4. Email Subscription for Public Notices

5. Publications and Guides -- Note: Since a DCE filer files as if the filer was a GPAC, you may find the Political Committee Guide to be a helpful resource.

6. Laws & Regulations

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
Section 254.261, Election Code
Section 22.6, Commission Rules
Title 15, Election Code
Chapters 18 & 20-26, Commission Rules | Texas Homeland Security | Statewide Search | Site Policies