Lobby Registration for 2016

2016 Registration:  Lobby registrations for 2016 may be filed beginning December 1, 2015.

Form:  Registrations must be filed electronically unless the registrant qualifies for the exemption. Go to www.ethics.state.tx.us/whatsnew/elf_info_lobby.htm on the Ethics Commission’s website for additional information.

A registrant who falls within the exemption from electronic filing must use the the lobby registration form for 2016 (Form REG) and the corresponding instructions, that will be available at www.ethics.state.tx.us/filinginfo/lobfrm.htm on the Ethics Commission’s website beginning December 1, 2015.

Form SSN, which is required by Chapter 232 of the Family Code for possible use by the Attorney General to locate individuals who might be delinquent in the payment of child support, must also be filed with a lobby registration.

Notices to File:  Notices to file reports with the commission are sent only by email. Update your email address online using our new filing application so that you continue to receive your notices to file.

Registration Fee:  See Lobby Registration Fees.

Last Revision: December 1, 2015
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