Judicial Candidate/Officeholder
Forms & Instructions

Fundraising Schedule for 2018 Elections

2017 Population Certification for Judicial Offices

 1. Appointment of A Campaign Treasurer By A Judicial Candidate

 2. Amended Appointment Of A Campaign Treasurer By A Judicial Candidate

 3. Transfer of Appointment

 4. Period for Accepting Contributions (2016 General Election) (2018 General Election)

 5. Code Of Fair Campaign Practices (Form CFCP)

 6. Judicial Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report (Form JC/OH) | Instructions: PDF  

 7. In-Kind Contribution or Political Expenditure for Travel Outside of Texas (Schedule T)

 8. Correction Affidavit for Candidate/Officeholder (Form COR-C/OH)

 9. Candidate/Officeholder Daily Pre-Election Report (Form DAILY-C C/OH) | Instructions: PDF

10. Corrected Daily Pre-Election Report use Form COR-DAILY-C C/OH (Correction Affidavit  for Candidate/Officeholder Daily Pre-Election Report)

11. Affidavit for Candidate or Officeholder:  Electronic Filing Exemption

12. Candidate/Officeholder Report of Unexpended Contributions (Form C/OH-UC) | Instructions: PDF

13. Corrected C/OH-UC use Form COR-C/OH (Correction Affidavit for Candidate/Officeholder)

14. Judicial Candidate/Officeholder Special Session Report (Form JC/OH-SS) | Instructions: PDF

15. Affidavit to Cease Dual Reporting Obligations for Non-judicial Officeholder or Former Non-judicial Candidate Who Is Currently A Judicial Candidate

16. Affidavit to Cease Dual Reporting Obligations for Judicial Officeholder or Former Judicial Candidate Who Is Currently A Non-Judicial Candidate

17. Third Party Judicial Declaration of Intent (Form JDI-3RD)

18. Personal Financial Statement and Instructions

Last Revision: December 7, 2017

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