Personal Financial Statement (PFS) Filers

Individuals Appointed to Office

Individuals Appointed to Office: Under new state law effective May 29, 2017, a PFS filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by an individual appointed to office may be filed electronically or on paper. Appointed officers who have the option to file on paper include:

  • the secretary of state;
  • an individual appointed with the advice and consent of the senate to the governing board of a state-supported institution of higher education;
  • an officer of a state agency who is appointed for a term of office specified by the Texas Constitution or a statute of this state;
  • a director, executive director, commissioner, administrator, chief clerk, or other individual who is appointed by the governing body or highest officer of the state agency;
  • the chancellor or highest executive officer of a university system and the president of a public senior college or university as defined by Section 61.003, Education Code;
  • a former or retired judge who sits by assignment at the district court level; and
  • an individual appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected office.
  • Note: A person who is required to file a PFS as a candidate for office or as an elected official does not have the option to file a PFS on paper.



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