Personal Financial Statement (PFS) Filers

Individuals Appointed to Office

Benefits of Electronic Filing

  • Access your PFS from any computer with Internet – You can use any computer with Internet access to go to the Ethics Commission's website, log in to the online filing application with your secure Filer ID and password, and complete your PFS.

  • Copy activity from a previous year – Using the online filing application, you have access to any PFS that you previously filed electronically with the Commission. When you start this year's PFS, you can choose to copy financial activity reported for a previous calendar year into your current PFS. Then just add new activity and update with changes as needed.

  • Save and return to your PFS – You can log in to the online filing application, start your PFS, and save an incomplete report. When you log in again, you can access the "in-progress" report and complete the entry. (Just don't forget – you must click "File Report" to finally file the PFS successfully.)

  • Import data into your PFS – Avoid hours of manual entry! If you have a large amount of financial activity to disclose, you can use the Commission's formatted templates to import stock, bond, and mutual fund information into a PFS created in the electronic filing application.

  • Quick and easy submission – When your PFS is ready to file, it only takes seconds to transmit using the online electronic filing application.

  • Midnight deadline – The deadline for any report filed electronically with the Commission is midnight Central Time Zone on the due date. The deadline for a paper filing is 5 p.m. Central Time Zone on the due date.

  • No notary required – The online filing application gives you the security of a unique Filer ID and password that serves as your electronic signature. Unlike filing on paper, no notarization is required!

  • No postage, certified mail, or delivery charges – Using the online electronic filing application is free.

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