State Officer & Employee Publications & Guides

State Officers and Employees Guide - A Guide to Ethics Laws for State Officers and Employees (pdf version) (html version)

Texas Ethics Commission - A Brief Overview of the Texas Ethics Commission and its Duties (pdf version) (html version)

Personal Financial Statement - A Guide for all elected and appointed state officers, members of the boards of river authorities, executive heads of state agencies, and state political party chairs (pdf version) (html version)

Can I Take It? - A Guide for Officers and Employees in the Executive Branch of State Government (pdf version) (html version)

Can I Take It? - A Guide for Members and Employees of the Legislature, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Employees of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor (pdf version) (html version)

Revolving Door - Leaving a State Agency (pdf version) (html version)

Travel - Can I Take This Trip? (pdf version) (html version)

Representation Before State Agencies - A Guide to Chapter 2004, Government Code (html version)

Out-of-State Travel Documents - Documents Required to be filed with the Ethics Commission (html version)

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