Reimbursement for Out-of-State Travel by Appointed Officers

Copies of Documents to be Filed With the Texas Ethics Commission.  Beginning on September 1, 1999, an appointed officer must file with the Ethics Commission copies of all documents submitted to the Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Legislative Budget Board to support claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with out-of-state travel.  General Appropriations Act, H.B. 1, art. IX, pt. 5, sec. 9-5.10(g), 76th Leg., R.S., Act of May 27, 1999. 

The Comptroller will not authorize reimbursement  from appropriated funds for out-of-state travel expenses claims unless the required copies have been filed with the Ethics Commission.

No Separate Ethics Commission Forms. The documents required to be filed with the Ethics Commission are copies of the documents filed with the Comptroller and the Legislative Budget Board.  There are no separate Ethics Commission forms to file.

Ethics Commission Filing Requirement Applies to "Appointed Officers" Only. The requirement to file copies of travel documents with the Ethics Commission applies only to "appointed officers," which means:

*Generally the term "state agency" refers to an entity that has statewide jurisdiction.  For purposes of this filing requirement, however, the following entities are also considered to be state agencies:

…a university system  or an institution of higher education as defined by Education Code section 61.003 (other than a public junior college); and

…a council of  governments, a Local Workforce Development Board or a Mental Health Mental Retardation community center that uses appropriated funds to pay for the transportation, meals, lodging, or other travel expenses of its employees or officials.  (The term "council of governments" includes a council of governments, a regional planning commission, or a similar regional planning agency created under chapter 391 of the Local Government Code.); and--a river authority.

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