At its September 9, 2005, meeting the Ethics Commission voted to adopt the following rule:

Reports Filed by Political Parties that Accept Corporate Contributions
(Effective October 2, 2005)
Text of Adopted Rule

The new language is italicized.

Text of Adopted Rule

Subchapter H: Rules Applicable to a Political Party Accepting Contributions From Corporations or Labor Organizations

§ 20.527. Form of Report

(a) The report required by this subchapter is separate from any other report a political party is required to file under this title.

(b) The report is filed by the chair of the state party or county executive committee, as applicable, and not by the treasurer of a general-purpose committee. Contributions and expenditures required to be reported under this subchapter should not be included on a report filed in accordance with Subchapter F of this chapter (relating to Reporting Requirements for a General-Purpose Committee).

(c) Except as provided by Section 254.036(c), Election Code, each report filed with the commission under this subchapter and chapter 257 of the Election Code must be filed by computer diskette, modem, or other means of electronic transfer, using computer software provided by the commission or computer software that meets commission specifications for a standard file format. | Texas Homeland Security | Statewide Search | Site Policies