At its August 30, 2012, meeting, the Texas Ethics Commission voted to propose the following rules. The Ethics Commission invites public comment on the rule. A written statement should be mailed or delivered to Natalia Luna Ashley, Texas Ethics Commission, P.O. Box 12070, Austin, Texas 78711-2070, or by facsimile (FAX) to (512) 463-5777. A person who wants to offer spoken comments to the commission concerning the proposed rule may do so at any commission meeting during the public comment period at a commission meeting when the commission considers the proposed rule. Information concerning the time and location of commission meetings is available at or by telephoning (512) 463-5800.

Filing Requirements for County Executive Committees
Text of Proposed Rule

Filing Requirements for County Executive Committees
Text of Proposed Rule

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§ 20.555. County Executive Committee Accepting Contributions or Making Expenditures That Exceed $25,000

(a) A county executive committee described by subsection (b) of this section is subject to the requirements of Subchapter F of this chapter (relating to Reporting Requirements for a General-Purpose Committee), except where those rules conflict with this subchapter. In the case of conflict, this subchapter prevails over Subchapter F of this chapter.

(b) A county executive committee that accepts political contributions or that makes political expenditures that, in the aggregate, exceed $25,000 in a calendar year shall file:

1) a campaign treasurer appointment with the commission no later than the 15th day after the date that amount is exceeded; and

(2) the reports required by Subchapter F of this chapter (relating to Reporting Requirements for a General-Purpose Committee). The first report filed must include all political contributions accepted and all political expenditures made before the county executive committee filed its campaign treasurer appointment.

(c) Contributions accepted from corporations and labor organizations under section 253.104 of the Election Code [§ 24.19 of this title (relating to Contributions to a Political Party)] and reported under Subchapter H of this chapter (relating to Accepting and Reporting Contributions from Corporations and Labor Organizations) do not count against the $25,000 thresholds described in subsection (b) of this section

(d) A county executive committee that filed a campaign treasurer appointment [and reports of contributions and expenditures] may file a [the report due by January 15 as its] final report, which [. Filing such a report] will notify the commission [the filing authority] that the county executive committee does not intend to file future reports [in the next calendar year] unless it exceeds one of the $25,000 thresholds. The final report may be filed:

(1) beginning on January 1 and by the January 15 filing deadline if the committee has exceeded one of the $25,000 thresholds in the previous calendar year; or

(2) at any time if the committee has not exceeded one of the $25,000 thresholds in the calendar year. | Texas Homeland Security | Statewide Search | Site Policies