Constitutional & Statutory Duties

On November 5, 1991, Texas voters approved an amendment that added a new provision, Article III, Section 24a, to the Texas Constitution. The constitutional amendment created the Texas Ethics Commission.

Constitutional Duties

The Texas Constitution provides that the Texas Ethics Commission may recommend the salary of members of the Legislature, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, subject to approval by the voters at the subsequent general election for state and county officers. Also, the Commission must set the per diem of members of the Legislature and of the Lieutenant Governor. The Legislature is to determine the other powers and duties of the Commission.

Statutory Duties

Statutory duties of the Texas Ethics Commission are set out in Chapter 571 of the Government Code. The agency is responsible for administering and enforcing these laws: 1) Title 15, Election Code, concerning political contributions and expenditures, and political advertising; 2) Chapter 302, Government Code, concerning the election of the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives; 3) Chapter 303, Government Code, concerning the governor for a day and speaker's reunion day ceremonies; 4) Chapter 305, Government Code, concerning lobbyist registration, reports, and activities; 5) Chapter 572, Government Code, concerning personal financial disclosure of state officers and conduct of state officers and employees; 6) Chapter 2004 Government Code, concerning representation before state agencies; 7) Chapter 159, Local Government Code, concerning judges of statutory county courts or statutory probate courts who elect to file a financial statement with the Commission; 8) Government Code, Section 2152.064 (concerning Conflict of Interest in Certain Transactions involving the Texas Facilities Commission); and 9) Government Code, Section 2155.003 (concerning Conflict of Interest involving the Office of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts).


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