Employee Awareness Plan


In accordance with the the Governor’s executive order RP 49, the Texas Ethics Commission has developed the following Employee Awareness Plan. 

The Texas Ethics Commission is an efficiency plan tenant agency located at: 

Sam Houston Bldg –10th Floor
210 E 14th Street
Austin TX 78701

This facility is managed by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission.  The Texas Ethics Commission cannot track the amount of energy or water consumption the 10th floor alone consumes.  According to Texas Building and Procurement Commission, it has no way of breaking down the consumption by agency or floor.  The Sam Houston Building runs off of the central meter, which includes various other buildings located within the Capitol Complex.

With this in mind the Texas Ethics Commission can only report on the agency’s efforts to help the State of Texas save on the rising cost of energy and water expenditures.


To provide the Texas Ethics Commission employees with a guideline in which to better implement energy and water conservation rules for the 10th Floor of the Sam Houston Building.

Key Personnel

The Texas Ethics Commission has designated Cristina Hernández as its Energy Resource Efficiency Plan Coordinator.  Miss Hernández’ role is to prepare and maintain the Employee Awareness Plan and report it to Jaime Barrington and Dale Mogoney with the Texas Building and Procurement Commission so that Texas Building and Procurement Commission can prepare the final Resource Efficiency Plan for the Sam Houston Building.  Miss Hernández is located in room 1040D of the Sam Houston Building and can be reached at 512-463-5784 or via e-mail at cristina.hernandez@ethics.state.tx.us.

The Employee Awareness Plan is organized in the following sections:

  1. Key focus.
  2. Metric outlay of the space occupied.
  3. Energy personnel.
  4. Efficiency plan coordinator duties.
  5. Employee responsibilities.
  6. Current challenges.
  7. Goals.

1. Key Focus Areas of the Employee Awareness Plan:
The Texas Ethics Commission will focus on these primary areas:

  1. Educate the employees on the need to conserve water and energy.
  2. Focus on reporting any and all water leaks and plumbing problems throughout the 10th floor of the Sam Houston Building.
  3. Focus on reporting any and all malfunctioning lighting and electrical outlets.
  4. Focus on procuring energy safe compliant office equipment.
  5. Monitor work areas for overload of electrical outlets.

2. Metric Outlay of Occupied Space:

Major energy using systems and condition in each building: The Texas Ethics Commission is located on the 10th floor of the Sam Houston building. The general outlay of the space we occupy contains:

  1. Approximately 13,431 sq ft.
  2. No specified utility budget has been created since we are an efficiency plan user agency.
  3. (27) light motion sensors installed in each closed door office, bathroom and kitchen area and (38) light motion sensors installed in the open cubicle areas.
  4. (2) Kyocera Mita 5530 and (1) Kyocera Mita 8530 Energy Efficient Safe high speed copiers and (1) Imagistics C550 analog copier.
  5. (58) Dell PCs and (57) ViewSonic monitors, (1) Fujitsu M4097D Scanner, (1) FujitsuM4099D Scanner and (1) Fujitsu M3096 EX scanner, (3) Canon 300 Microfilm Machines and (3) Cannon 500 microfilm printers, (1) Pitney Bowes 9820 and (1) Okidata 5600 fax machines, (2) Lanier 5613 desk top copiers, (19) HPLJ printers (ranging from HPLJ III- HPLJ 5500DTN), (2) servers, (1) jukebox, (2) tape drives, (3) power backup supplies, (1) modem, (2) external cd roms (9) mini-fridges, (1) standard size refrigerator, (1) microwave, (1) toaster, and (3) coffee makers, (12) speakers, (44) phones, (5) calculators, (5) label writers, (2) typewriters, (9) circular fans, (22) stereo/ radios,  (2) televisions, (2) VCRs, (1) Alcatel PF 65 Folding machine, (1) router and switches, (1) firewall, (2) Olympia 1580.6 paper shredders, (4) CD-R writers, (6) modems, (1) cassette eraser, (2) dictating equipment, (1) recorder, (1) electric stapler, (4) electric pencil sharpeners, (1) Ozarka electric hot/cold water dispenser, (1) laminator, (1) desk lamps, (1) mini vacuum, (2) projectors, (1) Transcell Technology SPS 30 meter scale, (4) battery backup systems, (1) credit card terminal, (1) credit card terminal printer, (1) cash register, and  (4) UPS backup systems.
  6. The heat & cooling boilers are monitored and supported by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission, as are all the ventilations, correcting of all temperatures and humidity problems.

Note:  The Texas Ethics Commission has reduced the number of copiers in the office by two and has replaced all the previous copiers in the office with smaller copiers that use less energy and are still energy efficient.

The Texas Building and Procurement commission appears to have a well-established program for the Sam Houston Building that allows for installation of sensors and controls throughout the building. The duties of the efficiency plan coordinator will be discussed further throughout this document, as will be the responsibilities of the employees.

All water, electricity and gas that apply to the Sam Houston Building is monitored, controlled and paid by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission.  The Texas Ethics Commission does not pay a salary to any employees whose job title or duties relate to Energy Management.

3. Energy Personnel

For the purpose of this newly adopted rule the Texas Ethics Commission has named Cristina Hernández as the efficiency plan coordinator.  Miss Hernández’ primary job duties are that of purchaser and are not related to energy management.  Energy management will make up 1% of the efficiency plan coordinator’s everyday job duties.

4. Efficiency Plan Coordinator Duties:

In order to effectively enforce the employee efficiency plan the coordinator must:

  1. Monitor all misuse of water and electricity.
  2. Report to the Texas Building and Procurement Commission any and all electrical or water problems such as:
    • water leaks,
    • power outlets not operating appropriately,
    • all light and motion detector failures.
  3. Strive to purchase all new equipment that is energy efficient.
  4. Keep maintenance on all equipment current to avoid unnecessary electrical over usage and outages.

5. Employee Responsibilities:

The Texas Ethics Commission employees are a key factor in the success of this efficiency plan.  The employee’s roles and duties are as follows:

  1. Report any and all water leaks to the efficiency plan coordinator.
  2. Report any light fixture outages to the efficiency plan coordinator.
  3. Report any sudden changes in temperature and air pressure to the efficiency plan coordinator.
  4. Be aware of your surrounding work area and do not overload the electrical cords. If in doubt always ask the efficiency plan coordinator.
  5. Be sure to turn off all lights, monitors, computers, radios, calculators, etc. within your office if you will be out for more than an hour or at the end of each business day.
  6. Do not attempt to bring in personal heaters, microwaves, mini-fridges, fans, etc., without the consent of the efficiency plan coordinator.

Note:  Use of personal heaters is prohibited in the Sam Houston Building by order of the State Fire Marshall.

6. Current Challenges

The primary challenge of enforcing the efficiency plan is the lack of proper information needed in order to create an exceptional energy management plan.  The Texas Ethics Commission faces the need to conserve water and energy without knowing how much water and energy is consumed by its employees.  This is key information needed in order to monitor the progress of the employees and the employee efficiency plan.

The water and energy consumption can only be provided by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission who, at this time, state they have no means of determining the individual use for each occupying agency within all its buildings.

7. Goals

  1. The goal of the Texas Ethics Commission is to help the Texas Building and Procurement Commission and the State of Texas conserve water and energy within the Sam Houston building thus reducing the amount of money paid out and saving the state money. 
  2. The Texas Ethics Commission also would like to begin receiving a break down of the energy and water use and the amount paid on behalf of the agency.  If this is not possible then a general report listing the consumption for the Sam Houston Building can be used to show the employees that all their efforts are making a difference.
  3. Continue to procure and rent energy conservative office equipment when possible.
  4. Achieve a successful rate of complete awareness of the Texas Ethics Commission’s energy and water conservation efforts.


Last Revision: July 23, 2009

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