84th Legislative Session

HB 1114 – Specific-Purpose Committees Supporting or Opposing a School District Bond Measure

Amends Election Code § 254.130

HB 1114 applies to specific-purpose committees (SPACs) that support or oppose measures on the issuance of bonds by school districts. The bill requires such SPACs involved in school district bond elections to file campaign finance reports with the Commission instead of the applicable local filing authority (school district). Such SPACs are required to file their campaign treasurer appointments with the applicable local filing authority (school district), which has not changed. The bill applies only to a campaign finance report due on or after September 1, 2015.  Effective 09/01/15.

HB 3680 – Electronic Report Data

Adds Government Code § 571.0671(d)

HB 3680 applies to all electronic report data saved in a temporary storage location on Commission servers for later retrieval and editing using the Commission's new web-based electronic filing applications. The bill expressly makes confidential the information contained in such "in-progress" reports (including campaign finance reports, lobby registrations, lobby activities reports, and personal financial statements) that are created by the filer until the filer files the report with the Commission.   Effective 09/01/15.

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