83rd Legislative Session

HB 1256Donated Office Space

Amends Government Code § 572.057

HB 1256 provides that a member of the legislature or a business entity in which the legislator has a substantial interest may donate the use of office space that the member or entity owns and that is located in the member's district to the house of the legislature in which the member serves to be used for the member's official business. Effective 9-1-13.

HB 2377Audio and Visual Materials

Amends Government Code §§ 306.005, 306.006. Adds Government Code § 306.0055.

HB 2377 provides that certain restrictions in the use of legislatively produced audio and visual materials do not apply to certain materials in certain circumstances. The bill also provides that a house, committee, or agency of the legislature may charge for a photograph produced by or under the direction of the entity the fair market value of the photograph. Effective 9-1-13.

SB 148Legal Advice or Legal Services

Amends Penal Code § 36.10

SB 148 provides that certain legal advice or legal services rendered to certain public servants is not prohibited by Sections 36.08 or 36.09, Penal Code. Effective 9-1-13.


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