84th Legislative Session

SB 20State Agency Revolving Door

Adds Government Code § 572.069

SB 20 amends various sections in the Government and Education Codes that relate to purchasing and contracting guidelines for state agencies. SB 20 adds a revolving door prohibition for a former state officer or employee of a state agency who, during the period of state service or employment, participates on behalf of a state agency in a procurement or contract negotiation involving a person (individual or business entity). The bill prohibits the former state officer or employee from accepting employment from that person for a period of two years after the date the former officer's or former employee's service or employment with the agency ceases. The revolving door prohibition only applies to a state officer or employee whose service or employment with a state agency ceases on or after September 1, 2015. Effective 09/01/15.

HB 23Local Government Officers and Vendors

Amends Local Government Code §§ 176.001(1), (2), (2-a), (2-b), (3), (4); 176.002(a) and (b); 176.003(a) and (a-1); 176.006(a), (a-1), (b), (c), (d), (i)
Adds Local Government Code §§ 176.001(2-c), (2-d), (7); 176.003(a-2); 176.006(e); 176.013
Transfers and Amends Local Government Code § 176.004 to 176.003(e)
Redesignates and Amends Local Government Code § 176.011 to 176.0065
Repeals Local Government Code §§ 176.003(c) and (d); 176.005; 176.006(f), (g), (h); 176.007

HB 23 clarifies the filing requirements for local government officers and vendors who contract with or are considering doing business with local government entities to make certain financial and business disclosures. Although the Commission does not have jurisdiction over the law at issue, the Commission is required to adopt the conflict of interest forms necessary for local government officers and vendors to comply with the law. The bill modifies the information required to be reported on the forms. The Commission has adopted updated forms in response to HB 23, which are available on the Commission's website at Effective 09/01/15.

HB 1295Disclosure Regarding Contracts with Governmental Entities

Adds Government Code § 2252.908

The provisions of HB 1295 that pertain to the Commission prohibit a governmental entity or state agency from entering into certain types of contracts with a business entity unless the business entity submits a "disclosure of interested parties" form to the governmental entity or state agency at the same time it submits the signed contract. The governmental entity or state agency must file a copy of the disclosure form with the Commission not later than 30 days after receiving the form. The bill requires the Commission to create and post online the disclosure form to be used by business entities and to adopt rules necessary to implement the provisions by December 1, 2015. The bill applies only to a contract entered into on or after January 1, 2016. Effective 09/01/15.

HB 114Disclosure by Political Subdivisions Regarding Capital Appreciation Bonds

Adds Government Code § 1201.0245

HB 114 sets out provisions related to the issuance of certain capital appreciation bonds by political subdivisions. HB 114 requires the governing body of a political subdivision to submit to the Commission any written determination made by the governing body that a personal or financial relationship exists between the members of the governing body and certain professionals associated with the bond issuance. Effective 09/01/15.


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