83rd Legislative Session

HB 1422Lobbyist Registration

Adds Government Code § 305.005(m)

HB 1422 requires registered lobbyists to disclose in their lobby registration the full name and address of each person who compensates or reimburses the registrant from a political contribution, interest received from a political contribution, or an asset purchased with a political contribution.  Effective 9-1-13.

HB 2984Lobby Expenditures

Amends Government Code § 305.0021(b)

HB 2984 provides that certain joint lobby expenditures made on behalf of a registrant by a person who is not a registrant are not considered to have been made in accordance with Chapter 305 of the Government Code, for purposes of certain provisions in Chapter 36 of the Penal Code. Effective 9-1-13.






Last Revision: February 25, 2016
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