Rules Regarding Filing Requirements for SPACs Involved School District Bond Measures

New Rule Regarding Specific-Purpose Committees Involved in Junior or Community College Bond Measures:  On June 1, 2016, the Texas Ethics Commission (“Commission”) amended rule 20.1(23) to clarify that a “school district” includes a junior college district or community college district. The amendment only affects the filing requirements for certain SPACs, as detailed below. The amendment is effective on June 22, 2016.

Filing Requirements:  Beginning on September 1, 2015, specific-purpose committees created to support or oppose a measure on the issuance of bonds by a school district must file all campaign finance reports with the Commission instead of with the district. However, such committees will continue to file campaign treasurer appointments with the district (with the secretary or presiding officer of the school district board). The committees should send a file-stamped copy of each campaign treasurer appointment (and any amendments) to the Commission along with Form Security, which is explained below.

Electronic Filing Requirement:  A political committee that files with the Commission is required to file campaign finance reports electronically unless the committee is eligible for an exemption from that requirement. To file electronically, the committee’s campaign treasurer must first complete and return to the Commission Form Security. It will provide the Commission an email address to which to send a link to obtain password access.

Electronic Filing Exemption: A political committee may claim an exemption from electronic filing only if the committee does not use a computer to keep current records of contributions, expenditures, or donors AND if the committee does not accept more than $20,000 in political contributions or does not make more than $20,000 in political expenditures in any calendar year. For more information see: "Who Has to File Electronically?"

For Details:  Please see these related rules:


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