Campaign Finance Software Upgrade

Campaign finance reports must be filed electronically unless you qualify for the statutory exemption. All campaign finance filers are required to upgrade to the latest version of our electronic filing software, TX-CFS 3.4.5, to be in compliance with current campaign finance reporting legislation.

Your current software should automatically prompt you to upgrade to the latest version. However, if it does not do so, or if you attempt to file with software that has a version number less than TX-CFS 3.4.5, your filing will be rejected with the following message:

We encourage you to upgrade as early as possible so that if you experience any problems, our technical support staff will be able to assist you. Over 40% of filers wait until the last day to file their reports. If you choose to upgrade your software close to or on a filing deadline, you may not be able to reach the staff for assistance due to heavy call volume. Please plan accordingly.

Please note: This upgrade to TX-CFS 3.4.5 is also required if you elect to file your report on a CD. Your report will not be accepted if an earlier version of the software is used to create the report submitted on CD.

You do have the alternate option to use the online Web Filing application.

You can find online help in the following locations:

Electronic Filing Information for Campaign Finance Filers
Getting Started Guide
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