Are You a Local Filer?

Local filers who run for and/or hold an office have a requirement to file campaign finance reports with their Local Filing Authority.

Offices for local filers may include:

  • county or precinct offices (county commissioner, tax assessor/collector, constable, justice of the peace, sheriff, etc.)
  • city offices (mayor, council member, secretary, etc.)

  • political subdivision offices (school board, community college trustee, municipal utility district, water district, etc.)
  • Specific-Purpose PACs that support or oppose any of these candidate/officeholders or that support or oppose a measure in a local election, other than a school bond.
  • Most individuals or entities filing a campaign finance report with a Local Filing Authority will be submitting a paper report. The paper report can be generated one of two ways.

    1. The forms from our website can be printed and filled in by hand. Go to Forms & Instructions and select your filer type to find your form(s).
    2. The TEC Filing Application can be used to create a report.

    To use the TEC Filing Application:

    For additional information about your obligations as a local filer you are advised to become familiar with

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