Are You a Local Filer?

Local filers who run for and/or hold an office have a requirement to file campaign finance reports with their Local Filing Authority.

Offices for local filers may include:

  • county offices (county commissioner, tax assessor/collector, city chair, constable, justice of the peace, sheriff, etc.)
  • city offices (mayor, council member, secretary, etc.)

  • political subdivision offices (school board, community college trustee, municipal utility district, water district, etc.)
  • Specific-Purpose PACs that support or oppose any of these candidate/officeholders or that support or oppose a measure in a local election.
  • Most individuals or entities filing a campaign finance report with a Local Filing Authority will be submitting a paper report. The paper report can be generated one of three ways.

    1. The forms from our website can be printed and filled in by hand.
    2. The new TEC Filing Application can be used to create a report.
    3. The forms from our website can be accessed via a PDF writer tool and filled in via the writer software.

    If you choose to use the new TEC Filing Application, you must first create your own login. Your login must be an email address that has not been used previously by a local filer and you must specify the type of report you are filing in order to generate the appropriate report. After you login to the application and create your report, you must use the application's Preview Report PDF to access the PDF. The PDF can then be printed or saved to your computer. You cannot File your report from TEC's application. Check with your filing authority to determine if they want a paper copy of the PDF report or an electronically submitted copy of the PDF report.

    Note: After you print the report, you must manually fill in the campaign treasurer information. Also, the report must be signed and notarized.

    For additional information about your obligations as a local filer please see:

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