Who Has to File Electronically?

Most individuals or entities filing a campaign finance report with the TEXAS ETHICS COMMISSION are required to file reports electronically unless the individual or entity is eligible to claim a statutory exemption.

If you DO NOT FILE reports with the Texas Ethics Commission, the requirement to file electronically explained on this website does not apply to you.  However, your local filing authority may have such a requirement.

EXEMPTION:  A filer may claim an exemption from electronic filing only if the filer does not use a computer to keep current records of contributions, expenditures, or donors AND if the filer does not accept more than $20,000 in political contributions or does not make more than $20,000 in political expenditures in any calendar year. To claim an exemption a filer must submit with each paper filing the appropriate affidavit: https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/filinginfo/affs.htm.

The law continues to exempt the following from the electronic filing requirement.  In these cases, an affidavit need not be filed to claim the exemption.

Last Revision: August 31, 2015

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