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The Texas Ethics Commission database contains data from campaign finance reports filed electronically with the Ethics Commission since July 2000. You may search campaign finance reports for specific information and you may also view, in PDF format, campaign finance reports filed electronically.

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Internet Availability: As a general rule, a campaign finance report that is filed electronically is available on the Internet within two business days after it is filed.
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Paper Reports: Paper reports for 2008 are available online using the Simple Search. The database does not contain detailed information for paper reports filed prior to 2008. You should contact the Ethics Commission if you would like to obtain a copy of a paper report.
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Simple Search: Use the simple search if you want to do a search based on a single criterion. For example, a search by filer name will produce a list of reports filed by the filer since 1992. A search by Acronym will produce a list of all PACs that have ever registered with Ethics Commission since 1992.
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Advanced Searches: Use one of the advanced searches if you want to combine criteria in your search. For example, the Advanced Filer Search would allow you to generate a list of all judicial candidates and officeholders who filed the January 2003 semiannual report electronically.
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Advanced Search Data Results: The data in your result set will include ALL reports that have been filed electronically and meet your search criteria.  This means you will see the information reported in any original report and any corrections made to that report.

Corrected reports contain all the data from the original report plus any corrections.  So, if a report was corrected, your results will contain duplicate data because the information from both the original and corrected report will be listed.  In the HTML results, the corrected report information is highlighted in blue.  In the Excel spreadsheet results, the type of report is denoted in the column called rpt_number.  An original report is denoted with a zero (0).  A corrected report is denoted with a number from 1 or higher.  For example, the first correction has a value of 1 in rpt_number; the second correction has a value of 2 in rpt_number, etc.

Data from Special Pre-Election and Special Session reports are required to also be reported on the subsequent report.  For example, if your search criteria covers a span that has both Special Pre-Election or Special Session reports and the subsequent semi-annual report, you would see everything reported on the Special Pre-Election report twice in your results; once from the Special Pre-Election report and once from the semi-annual report. This is duplicate data from the multiple filing requirements, not additional data.
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Searching For Information About A Specific Candidate or Officeholder: Although a candidate or officeholder is not required to set up a specific-purpose committee, many candidates and officeholders do so. In order to make sure that a search produces reports filed by an individual as well as reports filed by a committee supporting or opposing the individual, you should search by last name only.
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For more assistance with searching campaign finance reports please call Technical Support at 512-463-5800 Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM Central Time.

Search Campaign Finance Reports
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