Reporting Expenditures By Credit Card

Expenditures by Credit Card:  The name of the vendor who sold the goods or services is always disclosed as the payee.  DO NOT disclose as the payee the name of the credit card issuer.  (If a credit card issuer assesses you a finance charge or a late fee in connection with a political expenditure, you would then use the name of the issuer as the payee for that charge.)

For purposes of the 30-day and 8-day pre-election reports, the date of an expenditure is the date of the charge, not the date of the credit card bill.  For purposes of other reports, the date of the expenditure may be either the date of the charge OR the date of receipt of the credit card statement that includes the expenditure.  In other words, a filer can never go wrong by disclosing the date of the expenditure as the date of the charge.

If you have any questions regarding your reporting requirements, please contact the Texas Ethics Commission legal department at 512-463-5800.





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