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Filing Reports for TEC Filers
Campaign Finance

Filing A Report

Persons that file campaign finance documents with the Texas Ethics Commission include the following:

  • Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Railroad Commissioner, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, State Party Chair, County Chair of certain political parties;
  • Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives; Speaker of the House;
  • Multi-county District Attorney;
  • State Board of Education;
  • Supreme Court Justice, Court of Appeals Justice, Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, and District Judges;
  • Offices of a political subdivision other than a county located in more than one county and with a governing body that has not been formed (Example: A newly created utility district with boundaries crossing a county line);
  • Specific-purpose political committees supporting or opposing a candidate or officeholder who files with the Commission, or a measure that is to be submitted to voters of the entire state;
  • Specific-purpose political committees for supporting or opposing school bond measures file treasurer appointment locally and campaign finance reports with the Commission;
  • General-purpose political committees, including a county executive committee of a political party;
  • Individuals and Entities making direct campaign expenditures in excess of $150;
  • Legislative Caucuses;
  • Retired Officeholders retaining contributions or assets

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