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Opinion Help

TEC staff cannot provide advisory opinions over the telephone; however, if you want a binding written opinion, you may request an ethics advisory opinion by submitting your request by letter or email, and your request must meet certain legal requirements in order to be processed. An advisory opinion can only be issued by a vote of the TEC board during a public meeting following a formal legal process with several requirements. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the TEC will issue an advisory opinion in response to a request.

Texas Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions


State Ethics Advisory Commission (SEAC) Opinions

The State Ethics Advisory Commission (SEAC) was a state agency created in 1983 and abolished in 1991. SEAC had authority to issue ethics advisory opinions regarding certain state ethics laws, including standards of conduct, campaign finance, lobbying, and certain Penal Code provisions. In issuing an advisory opinion, the Texas Ethics Commission shall consider the opinions issued by SEAC that are not overruled by a statute or Texas Ethics Commission rule.