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Issue Resetting Passwords on the Filing System

We are currently experiencing issues with the reset password function on the electronic filing system. If you remember your password then you can log in and work on your certificates. If you need a password reset, you will need to wait until this issue is remedied. We are currently working on this issue. This notice will be removed when the password reset function is working.

I want to ...

Paper with Dollar Sign and Pencil to Represent Filing a Report

File a Report

A Briefcase to Represent Lobbying in Texas

Lobby in Texas

Magnifying Glass Over Paper to Represent Viewing a Report

Search/View a Filed Report

Speach Bubbles to Represent Advisory Opinions

Request an Advisory Opinion

A Calendar to Represent the Due Date of a Report

Know When My Report is Due

PAC Signs to Represent Starting a Political Action Committee

Start or Dissolve a PAC

Phone Help Line for Legal

Contact TEC Helpline

Video Monitor to Represent Viewing Online Training

View Online Training

A Speaker Podium to Represent Starting a Campaign

Campaign in Texas

A Collection of Paper to Represent Finding a Form

Find a Common Form

Scales of Justice to Represent Filing a Sworn Complaint

File a Sworn Complaint

Question Marks Surrounding Man to Represent More Questions

Find Out About...