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Forms & Instructions

Instructions for Affidavits

For delivery of general affidavits from TEC filers choose a method below:

  1. EMAIL
    • signed PDF attachments to
    • signed Sworn Complaint PDF attachment to


  2. MAIL the signed form to
      Texas Ethics Commission
      P.O. Box 12070
      Austin, Texas 78711-2070

Click the appropriate category on the left side of this page to find the actual affidavit form.

General Affidavits

Statement of Defense (to raise a defense to late filing)

An affidavit pertaining to late a filing is not considered until after the late report has been filed.

Affidavit for Sworn Complaint Response (to use when responding to a sworn complaint)

Waiver of Notice by Certified Mail (to waive the requirement that written notices be sent by certified mail)

Electronic Filing Affidavits

Persons filing on paper must include the appropriate Exemption Affidavit with EACH report.

Electronic Filing Exemption for Candidate or Officeholder: 2021 | 2020

Electronic Filing Exemption for Committee: 2021 | 2020

Electronic Filing Exemption for Political Party: 2021 | 2020

Electronic Filing Exemption for Entity Making Direct Campaign Expenditure (DCE): 2021 | 2020

Correction Affidavits

Correction Affidavits are filed with the report in question using the method of filing that was used for the original report.