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Did You Forget Your Password?

When the account was originally set up, you were required to select between 3 and 5 security questions and provide answers to the questions selected. You can reset your password if you can remember the answers you provided to the security questions you selected. You will receive a message in blue at the top right corner "An email has been sent" if you answer the questions correctly. An email from consisting of a token will be emailed to the email address on file if you properly answer the questions.

You must use the exact same syntax and spelling as you originally provided. If your questions was What is the birth day of your Mother? and your answer was Aug. 12th, then 8/12 is not the correct answer nor is Aug 12th (missing a period). Only Aug. 12th will be the correct answer.

The email token is good for 1 day only. After that you must request a new password reset. The email token can be clicked only once. After it has been used, it is no longer useable.

In order to have the email token sent to your email address, first click on the Forgot Password? link on the login page as illustrated below.

Selecting Forgot Password Screen

At the next screen, TEC filers must enter their Filer Id or account number, shown with a red arrow pointing to the location. A local filer or a 1295 filer must enter the email address they are using for a login filer id. After entering your filer id, a filer must select a proper filer type from the pull down menu accessed by clicking the . Then you must click the Next button at the far right bottom of the screen to proceed. This screen is illustrated below.

Enter Id Password Screen

The last screen will prompt you for the secret answers to your security questions. An example of the screen is provided below. After you type in your answers, you will need to click on the Reset button on the far right bottom of the screen in order to have a new token emailed to you. You will see a message "An email has been sent to XXXXX with instructions on how to reset your password." if you were successful.

Enter Answers Password Screen

Remember your syntax and spelling must match exactly as you originally entered.