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2019 Moratorium on Contributions

The 2019 Regular Legislative Session convenes on January 8, 2019. Please note that December 8, 2018, is the last day on which certain legislators, certain statewide officers, and certain political committees may accept contributions. The moratorium on accepting contributions begins December 9, 2018, and continues through June 16, 2019.

Who is Subject to the Moratorium

The following are subject to the moratorium:

However, a statewide officeholder or member of the legislature who was defeated at the November 6, 2018, general election is not subject to the moratorium, nor is a specific-purpose political committee that supports or assists only such an officeholder or member.

Contributions That Are Not Subject to the Moratorium

The moratorium DOES NOT apply to a political contribution that was made and accepted with the intent that it be used:

  1. in an election held or ordered during the period beginning December 9, 2018, and continuing through June 16, 2019, in which the person accepting the contribution is a candidate if the contribution was made after the person appointed a campaign treasurer with the appropriate authority and before the person was sworn in for that office; or

  2. to defray expenses incurred in connection with an election contest.

Texas Ethics Advisory Opinions Regarding the Moratorium

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 448

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 411

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 357

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 354

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 351

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 346

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 253

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