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Forms & Instructions

Specific-Purpose Political Committee

  1. Appointment of A Campaign Treasurer By A Specific-Purpose Committee

  2. Security Form ( Form SECURITY-CF)

  3. Amended Appointment Of A Campaign Treasurer By A Specific-Purpose Committee

  4. Code Of Fair Campaign Practices ( Form CFCP)

  5. Specific-Purpose Committee Campaign Finance Report

  6. Specific-Purpose Committee Special Session Report

  7. Specific-Purpose Committee Daily Pre-Election Report

  8. Affidavit for Committee: Electronic Filing Exemption

  9. Statement to Act as Direct Expenditures Only Committee Form (Template)

Note: A person, not acting in concert with another person, making one or more direct campaign expenditures (DCE) that exceed $100 in an election from the person's own property must use different forms to report such expenditures. See Individuals/Entities Making DCE for more information.