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How-To-Use PFS E-Forms

1.Navigating the form:  After entering text or selecting a check box, do one of the following:

2.Checking Boxes:  Use your mouse to insert or remove a "check" in a check box or [Tab] to the box and press [Enter] to insert a "check."  Press [enter] again to "uncheck" the box.

3.Resetting the Form:  To clear a form in a browser window select the Reset Form button or exit the Acrobat viewer without saving the file, and start again.  Clicking the Reload button or the Go Back button, or following a link in a World Wide Web browser window, does not clear a form.  (Once you clear the form you cannot get the information back--there is no "undo" for the reset form action.)  To clear a form in Acrobat, choose File and then Revert.

4.Saving the Form:   If you use Acrobat, you may save the form and the data in a form on your computer using the Save or Save As command. Note: You cannot save the data in a form using the Save or Save As command if you are using Adobe Reader. The Save A Copy command will save the form itself, but not the data entered into the form fields.

If you are using Adobe Reader, do not close Reader while you are working on a report. If you close Reader, you will lose all the information you have entered.

For assistance with the online form, please call 512-463-5800 and ask for technical support.