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Advocating Passage or Defeat of a Measure

The following are examples of sentences/phrases that the Texas Ethics Commission has determined advocate passage or defeat of a measure. See political advertising for more information.

Remember: No matter how much factual information about the purposes of a bond election is in a communication, any amount of advocacy is impermissible.

  1. "Light rail is a solution that contributes to the long term sustainability of our region and we support it 100-percent."

  2. "Seeks Voter Approval" . . . "We want to sustain the excellence. And we are now asking voters if they too want to sustain the excellence."

  3. "That is why voters are also being asked to approve a new 1/4 cent sales tax dedicated to continually fund street improvements for the next four years . . . Passage of this proposition, coupled with the trails option of Proposition 4, will create an attractive amenity for all of [City's] residents to enjoy."

  4. "Vote to Continue the Progress Being Made in Street Improvement and in Crime Prevention/Crime Control by Approving to Renew the Current Quarter-Cent Sales Tax. Election Day-Saturday, Jan. 20, 2001."

  5. "It is very important for your children and the school district that the Tax Rollback Election pass."

  6. "The important point is that a vote to authorize this 'Our Children, Our Schools, Our Future' bond package gives [School District] the flexibility needed to match the pace of coming growth, fast or slow."

  7. "Keep the control here - among the residents - not in the hands of outsiders."

  8. "The bond proposal provides the "best solution" to the needs generated by the school district's population growth."

  9. "This bond is the right thing to do for the children of this community."

  10. "After examining our options and each department's budget, we are left with only one way to generate the monies needed to continue programs and services that are essential to our students' success.  We must have a change in our tax rates. That means asking voters to go to the polls and vote in a tax rate election. If approved, the district's rate would still be considerably lower, than it was just three years ago."

  11. "The [School District] and Board of Trustees believe this rate increase is vitally important."

  12. "What do you think it takes to educate our children in [School District] . . . And it takes your tax contributions.  So let your voice be heard by casting an early vote November 3rd through the 17th in the tax rollback election or on November 20th, election day. . . . The bottom line is: whatever it takes."

  13. "Our citizens now have the opportunity to position the [School District] for the 21st century.  Please support the vision - our future depends on your commitment."

  14. "It's time to change to meet the needs of our students . . . While the [safety issues] may not yet be matters of student safety, they will be soon if the situations are not addressed."

  15. "Given today's construction costs and the needs of the district, a long-term bond is the only viable financial solution."