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Political Committees Making Contributions
Getting Name and Address Right

Are you a political committee making contributions?  Help candidates and officeholders comply!  When a political committee makes a political contribution, ensuring that all of the information is provided to the recipient of your contribution can help them report it properly.  To ensure the recipient of your contribution has the information they need, please consider these points:

Committee Name:  When making a contribution, provide the recipient with the full name of your political committee.  For the full name, you can refer to the committee’s name on your most recent campaign treasurer appointment.

Committee Address::  Always provide the recipient with the political committee’s full address.

Out-of-State Committees:  If you are an out-of-state committee, please see the Campaign Finance Guide for Political Committees available on our website.

Reminder::  A political contribution made by a committee is reported on the committee’s own report as a "political expenditure".

Last Revision: May 28, 2019