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Guidelines for a Legislative Caucus

“Legislative Caucus” means an organization that is composed exclusively of members of the legislature, that elects or appoints officers and recognizes identified legislators as members of the organization, and that exists for research and other support of policy development and interests that the membership hold in common. The term includes an entity established by or for a legislative caucus to conduct research, education, or any other caucus activity. An organization whose only nonlegislator members are the lieutenant governor or the governor remains a “legislative caucus” for purposes of this section. ELEC. CODE § 253.0341(e).

Forming a Legislative Caucus

  • Send written notice to TEC on legislative letterhead and include:
    1. Name of Caucus
    2. Name of Caucus Chair and contact information
    3. Form SECURITY-CF filled out by person who will file reports

Note: Notice is also required to be sent to the Chief Clerk of the Texas House and/or Secretary of the Senate, but filers need to consult with house or senate administration regarding those requirements.

Reporting for a Legislative Caucus

  • The Caucus Chair, or other designated person, files two reports electronically with TEC each year. The chair is responsible for the report, so the report must be signed by the chair. Reporting deadlines are:
    • January 15
    • July 15

Terminating a Legislative Caucus

  • Caucus Chair sends written notice to TEC that the Caucus is terminating; and
  • Caucus Chair, or other designated person, files a report covering the period from the last report through the date the Chair submits the notice of termination letter to TEC.

Making Changes to a Legislative Caucus

  • The new Caucus Chair sends written notice on legislative letterhead to TEC and includes:
    1. name of caucus
    2. date old chair resigned
    3. official date of new chair and contact information for new chair
    4. new form Security-CF