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Judicial Campaign Fairness Act Guidelines

The Judicial Campaign Fairness Act in title 15 of the Election Code places a number of restrictions on judges and judicial candidates. The "Campaign Finance Guide for Judicial Candidates and Officeholders" explains those restrictions.

Candidates subject to the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act may accept political contributions only during the time period set out in Election Code section 253.153. For more information see the Judicial Campaign Fundraising Period.

Contribution Limits. For more information about contribution and expenditure limits see the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act. For compliance tips, see "Tips from the Texas Ethics Commission to Comply with Judicial Campaign Fairness Act (JCFA) Contribution Limits".

Population of Judicial Districts Various limits in the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act are determined by reference to the judicial district.  See the current population figures for judicial districts for details.