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Sign up for Email Notices from the Texas Ethics Commission

Texas Ethics Commission Filers Only: The Commission adopted two new rules regarding email notices to file:

Campaign Finance Filers: Notices by Electronic Mail

Lobby Filers: Courtesy Notices by Electronic Mail

What does this mean to you as a Texas Ethics Commission filer? You need to provide a valid working email address to where notices from the Commission may be sent. If you change your email address, you will need to notify the Texas Ethics Commission of your new email address, otherwise you may not receive notices to file. Email notices to file will be sent in lieu of mailed paper notices. Failure to provide an email address may result in a filer not receiving a notice to file.

*** Please use the Email Subscription web page to sign up for and manage these email services. ***

In addition to being able to sign up on the above Email Subscription web page, if you do not have an email address on file, the filing software will prompt you to supply your email address for the purpose of email notifications.

If you have problems using the email subscription tool, please contact technical support at 512-463-5800 or at