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Due to the increased volume of contribution and expenditure data, all searches based on filer identification data are performed using Filer ID rather than using a filer's name. You can get the Filer ID by using Simple Search.

Concerning Search Type:
  • By Filer Id refers to the Contributions and Expenditures reported by the specific Filer
  • By Name on Transaction refers to who was report on other Filers' Contributions and Expenditures
Duplicate contribution or expenditure entries can result from a contribution or expenditure required to be disclosed on special reports in addition to regular campaign finance reports. These reports include Special Session and Daily Pre-Election reports. The default (unchecked) will not include information from these special reports.
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(Some filers are not required to report Employer/Occupation information)
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As required by law, contributor addresses, other than city, state, and zip code, have been redacted from electronically filed reports. That information remains available on reports maintained in the commission's office.