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The Texas Ethics Commission voted to adopt the following rule at its April 21, 2010, meeting. The rule applies to expenditures made on or after July 1, 2010.

The electronic filing software and the paper forms and instructions have been updated to incorporate the changes to the rule. Both updates are available on our website and campaign finance filers are encouraged to start using the updates immediately.

Purpose of Expenditure
(effective May 12, 2010)
Text of Adopted Rule

Purpose of Expenditure
Text of Adopted Rule

The new language is italicized.



§ 20.61. Purpose of Expenditure

(a) For reporting required under Section 254.031 of the Election Code, the purpose of an expenditure means:

(b) The description of a political expenditure for travel outside of the state of Texas must provide the following:

(c) This rule applies to expenditures made on or after July 1, 2010.

(d) Comments:

The purpose of an expenditure must include both a description of the category of goods or services received in exchange for the expenditure and a brief statement or description of the candidate, officeholder, or political committee activity that is conducted by making the expenditure.  A description of an expenditure that merely states the item or service purchased is not adequate because doing so does not allow a person reading the report to know the allowable activity for which an expenditure was made.

The following is a list of examples that describe how the purpose of an expenditure may be reported under section 20.61.  This list is for illustrative purposes only.  It is intended to provide helpful information and to assist filers in reporting the purpose of an expenditure under this rule.  However, it is not, and is not intended to be, an exhaustive or an exclusive list of how a filer may permissibly report the purpose of an expenditure under this rule.  The rule does not require the candidate or officeholder to identify by name or affiliation an individual or group with whom the candidate or officeholder meets.