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At its February 13, 2015, meeting, the Texas Ethics Commission voted to post for public comment the following rule. The Ethics Commission invites public comment on the rules. A written statement should be emailed to, or mailed or delivered to Natalia Luna Ashley, Texas Ethics Commission, P.O. Box 12070, Austin, Texas 78711-2070, or by facsimile (FAX) to (512) 463-5777. A person who wants to offer spoken comments to the commission concerning the proposed rules may do so at any commission meeting during the public comment period at a commission meeting when the commission considers the proposed rule. Information concerning the time and location of commission meetings is available at http://www.ethics.state.tx./meetings/ or by telephoning (512) 463-5800.

Authority to Adopt Rules
Text of Proposed Rule

Authority to Adopt Rules
Text of Proposed Rule

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§ 6.5. Authority To Adopt Rules

(a) This title is adopted under the authority granted by the Act, the Administrative Procedure Act, and by any other law administered and enforced by the commission that establishes the commission’s authority to adopt rules.

(b) The commission will not adopt a rule that in the opinion of the commission, directly addresses the subject matter of pending litigation known to the commission.

(c) For purposes of this section, the term litigation includes a sworn complaint proceeding before the commission only if the Government Code Subchapters C-H, Chapter 2001, apply to the proceeding.