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Forms & Instructions

Forms for Lobbyist

1. Original Registration:

2. Registration Amendments:

3. Corrected Form REG / AREG and Good-Faith Affidavit

4. Lobby Activities Report (Form LA) | Instructions: PDF

5. Corrected Form LA and Good-Faith Affidavit

6. Lobby Termination Notice (Form TN)

7. Conflict of Interest Notice to Client by Lobbyist

8. Conflict of Interest Statement Filed with Texas Ethics Commission by Lobbyist

9. Lobby Filer ID Request / Name Change Request (Form FILER ID REQ-LOBBY)

10. Lobby Security Form (Form SECURITY-LOBBY)

11. Affidavit For Lobbyist: Electronic Filing Exemption

12. Notice Filed by Legislator Concerning Relative Who Is A Lobbyist (Form LEG-REL)

13. Notice Filed by Lobbyist Related to Legislator (Form LOB-REL)

14. Affidavit of Defense (to raise a defense to late filing)